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University Of Texas Essay Word Limit For Ucas

Students, it is crucial that you apply for scholarships. Search for available scholarships around the beginning of your senior year of high school, if not sooner. If you’re already in college and looking for scholarships for the next academic year, you will still want to kick things off in the early fall. Most scholarship application deadlines fall between October and March. More on preparing for scholarships

Every student who is applying for scholarships should do 3 things:

  1. Apply for the scholarships that are available through the specific schools you are interested in. Every college has a scholarship page that explains the scholarships available through the school. This goes for the college as a whole and the colleges as in the departments within the college (Math, Science, Media, Behavioral Science, etc.)
  2. Write a powerful generic essay! So many scholarships are available for writing an essay. Rather than write a million essays, write one essay that is excellent and then adapt it to the specific requirements of the scholarship.  Many of them require similar key points as part of the essay.
  3. Do a scholarship search and see what other scholarships you should apply for.  Ask your school counselor what scholarships previous students have been awarded. If someone from your school got the scholarship before that can increase the odds that it is a legitimate scholarship.  See below for ideas for scholarship searching.

UCAS Scholarship List Here is a list of scholarships that UCAS has been keeping.  Please help us keep it up to date by letting us know if any links do not work or if you find out of date information.

Provo High School Scholarships Page: Provo high school has an awesome list of scholarships you may want to consider.  Check this page out for sure.  They are local so a lot of the information is in line with what you might be eligible for.

Scholar Box:  This is a free resource for school counselors and students to build a scholarship page that they can use to keep track of scholarships.  It has links directly to the website of the scholarship to give you the information, and shows the application date right on the list so you know which scholarships to apply for and when.

Cappex: Yes Cappex is free to counselors and students.  If you have the ability to recognize a good scholarship when you see it then Cappex can be a good resource.

Zinch: It’s true, you will get spam-attacked by signing up for Zinch, but it is free and it does have good information.  If you have the ability to recognize a good scholarship when you see it then Zinch can be a good resource.

Carson Smith Scholarship: The Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship provides tuition assistance for eligible special needs students enrolled in eligible private schools

Popular Scholarship Options

Awarded Each SemesterQuest Bridge: For low income, high achieving students.New Century Scholarship:  For students who earn their Associates degree before they graduate from high school.Regent’s Scholarship: For students who take rigorous high school courses as defined in the scholarship. (You can’t get the New Century and Regent’s Scholarships together).UVU Scholarships: Information regarding scholarships available through Utah Valley University.

BYU Scholarships:  Information regarding scholarships available through Brigham Young University.

U of U Scholarships:   Information regarding scholarships available through University of Utah.

USU Scholarships:  Information regarding scholarships available through Utah State University.

Westminster Scholarships:  Information regarding scholarships available through Westminster College.

Daniels Fund Scholarship:  For high school seniors from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming graduating in the 2013-2014 apply by November 14, 2013.

One-Time Award Sussle Scholarship: Monthly Scholarship of $1,000 awarded.  Sussle collects the best content by topic. This is not your usual scholarship. There is no application or essay, and it’s actually fun. By participating, you will be posting your knowledge for the benefit of others, and in return, the best contributor will win the scholarship.Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents Scholarships: $500 to $1000 in 2014 to Utah high school seniors who have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA and are active in extra-curricular activities through their school, church, community or work.AES Engineers:  Apply for $500 by October 4, 2013.  Simply submit a 500-1000 word essay on the topic.Susan Coda Memorial Scholarship: Merit-based scholarship for a Utah woman who will attend college outside of Utah

Scholarships Recently Earned by Former UCAS Students

IM Flash
Jacobsens Scholarship
John M. and Charlotte Huntington Scholarship
Bennion Honors Scholarship
Alfred T. Visborg Scholarship
Warren Kunz Prize
Education Matters Scholarship
National Aviation Explorer Scholarships
Unigo $10K Scholarship 2017

3 Sentence Essay Scholarship

Science Fair Scholarships
Nicodemus Wilderness Project
American Our Country Speech Contest
ARUP Utah Promise Scholarship
AXA Achievement Scholarship
Best Buy Scholarship
Carson Scholars Scholarship
Centennial Scholarship
Clegg Memorial Scholarship
Courage to Grow Scholarship
HOBY Scholarship at UVU
Kohl’s Kids Care Scholarship
Northrop Grumman Engineering Scholars
Pioneering Spirit Award
Radio Disney Award
Replace my Contacts College Scholarship
Southern Virginia Academic Merit
TRIO Scholarship
Upward Bound Scholarship
Burger King Malcamor Scholarship
Colorado State
Geologic Mapping Gold Medalists
Henry Schein Scholarship
ARUP Utah Promise Scholarship
ARUP Utah Promise Scholarship
Bank of America Scholarship
Carroll College
Colorado School of Mines Merit Scholarship
Daniels Scholarship
Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student
Energy Solutions Scholarship
Future Business Leader of America
ISEF (Science Fair) Scholarship
Jr. Engineer Scholarship
Larry H. Miller Scholarship
National Science Foundation
National Security Language Initiative Scholarship
Northern Arizona University
Oregon State University
Prudential Spirit of Community Award – National Distinguished Finalist
Prudential Spirit of Community Award
Quest Scholar, matched for Stanford
ROTC Scholarship
SOMOS Hispanic Business Leadership Foundation
Southern Virginia University Academic Excellence & Student Association Leadership Scholarship
Symantec Software Scholarship
Syracuse University
Trio Upward Bound Scholarship &
Trio Upward Bound Scholarship
United States Air Force Academy
University of Arizona out of State Scholarship
University of Oklahoma
University of Texas Dallas
Western Undergraduate Scholarship
Writers of the Future

Entry Requirements

Each level of education in the UK has varying requirements which must be satisfied in order to gain entry at that level - learn more about the education entry requirements for the UK.

Entry Requirements to Study in the UK

Depending on what program you are looking at, the entry requirements will vary for international students. Although this page will provide you with some useful information with which to arm yourself about what is needed to gain entry into UK courses, you should inquire specifically to any course that you are considering.

What you will find in common throughout all courses and schools is that you will need to show competency in the English language.

English Language

For most schools and courses, your level of understanding and competency in English will be key to your acceptance in a major program such as a degree program. You will need to make sure you have a good level of English understanding and you can do this by taking one of the following commonly accepted tests of English ability:

  • TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • IELTS - International English Language Testing System
  • UCLES - University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate

If you need assistance with locating an English as a Second Language school (ESL School) please see the ESL directory for a comprehensive listing of schools around the world.

GCSE Entry Requirements

Entrance to take your GCSE's will depend very much on the school with which you are attending as you will generally need to register with a school for your GCSE education years (14 to 16 years old). Apart from the school’s requirements, the main requirements by the exams boards in the UK is that you have a good level of english ability as the exams will be taken in English - see English requirements above.

A-level Entry Requirements

Like with GCSE's it will be very dependent on the school you wish to attend as to what the requirements are to study A-levels there. For example, a 6th Form College may require that you have at least 5 GCSE pass grades of C or above, compare this to an independent school who may require 10 GCSE pass grades of B or above. So this will be very much dependent on the school.

You also need to consider that A-levels are a much higher level of work and so a very good understanding of the English language will be needed to work at this level. Some people say that A-levels are harder than most degrees programs as they prepare you for higher education.

Vocational Course Entry Requirements

As with GCSE's you will generally not need any formal qualifications to enter basic vocational course. Literacy skills and proficiency in the English language would be the only requirements, but again you should check with the school or institution that is running the program as they may have their own requirements.

University Entry Requirements

Each course in the UK sets it own entry, so they vary considerably. Most degree programs in the UK will require that the student have passed either A-levels and attained certain grades, for example 4 B grades, or equivalent grades in a BTEC or GNVQ. So within a university different courses will have different requirements and universities as a whole may have certain requirements that all students will have to meet. For example, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge generally require all students to attend an interview, other universities will not require this.

Also, as an international student coming to the UK you can still attend University even though you may not have taken A-levels and have not been educated in the UK system, but you will need to contact the administrator of that program to find out what credentials from your home country you will need to provide.

So, how do you keep track of what is required for a course and how to you apply? In the UK, this is done through the University and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) which processes and takes all applications for university admission in the UK.

You will need to apply through UCAS and work with their program which is as follows:

  • September 1st Applications open for the next year
  • January 15th EU Nationals Application Deadline
  • June 30th Main application deadline
  • June 30th to September 30th Clearing Process

A few things to note here:

  • If you are planning to apply to Oxford or Cambridge the application process is a little different and different dates will apply to your application process so please contact the university directly for exact information.
  • You are encouraged to get your application in as early as possible as the most popular courses will fill up very quickly.
  • Students who did not achieve sufficient grades will often have to look for another place and this process is called clearing.

Applications need to be made to UCAS and you will need to make sure you gather all the information together in order to apply - this will include:

  • Test scores and requirements the University has for international students (please check with the university you wish to attend as they will guide you on this)
  • A personal statement
  • A reference letter
  • Payment to UCAS

There are two key resources that you should use as you gather information for studying in the UK and they are the UCAS website and the international office at the university you want to attend.

Please note that Scotland has a separate education system and does not conform to the above structure. Please learn more about the Scottish Education System.

UK Education System

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