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A452 Computing Coursework Synonyms

  • I need to improve my evaluation but i don't really know what to put.
    Can someone give me a set of questions or something as a guideline for evaluations?

  • Does it meet the requirements of the task?
    Has it been coded efficiently?
    Is your flowchart and pseudocode any good, what did it do for you?
    Do you use appropriate techniques?
    Have you found any errors?
    How have you fixed those errors?
    Have you tested your app comprehensively so it works?

    Try and write 2/3 paragraphs for each task evaluation. Then do one whole page of overall evaluation of your work. Your document should be around 5,000 words long.

  • wow thanks! 5000? That's not enough lol. I am expected to have about 10,000. I have About 6 and half thousand so far so i just need to get my evaluations up to scratch. But yeh, thanks. This is exactly what i was looking for

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