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Boston University Application Essay Topics

Opportunities to maximize your education. The most academically ambitious students can participate in a number of Dual Degree or combined BA/MA programs, the Seven-Year Accelerated Medical or Dental programs, Honors in the Major programs in the College of Arts & Sciences, or the Kilachand Honors College. 

A BU degree opens doors. CEOs and recruiters have ranked BU grads #12 in the US and #31 worldwide for employability, thanks to the combined theoretical and practical education you’ll receive here. 

You’ll learn with the crème de la crème. 
Undergraduates study and live with classmates who ranked in the top 8% of their high school classes and had an A- average. 

Research opportunities abound. Our Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) offers hundreds of options, funding student research under a faculty mentor. 

Nearly half of BU undergrads study abroad. We have more than 100 study abroad programs and 4,000 internship opportunities throughout the world.

BU invests in your future. The Center for Career Development (CCD) begins advising students freshman year. And we have extensive networks to help you find internships both in Boston and abroad. 

We are the world. We prepare the next generation of global leaders by teaching students from more than 100 countries to adopt a global perspective. And our ranking as the #32 Best Global University by U.S. News & World Report is testament to our worldwide connections.

The best way to see if BU is a good fit for you is to come to campus where you’ll meet current students, take a tour, and hear from the board of admissions on what makes an application competitive. Every fall, we also travel the world to visit you in your area! Visit to learn more. If you can’t make it to campus, be sure to check out our virtual tour (

Making the mistake of simply talking about the concrete qualities of the university (such as the size of the student population, the amount of programs offered, and the proximity to Boston) without at least mentioning specific detail will cost you. Instead, focus on concrete examples such as a college visit to drive into your sensory and authentic impressions of the student body. Use a lifelong passion for a discipline, regardless of experience, to detail which specific faculty members you would love to work with. And profess your love for the Boston Central Library; though specific, it shows that you know your life at BU will be more than just the college and tourist sites.


Another example of a response to this prompt could start by taking note that the school offers one of the most comprehensive examples of diversity in coursework that a student can experience. Many other institutions do not offer such a wide array of studies, including such courses as remote sensing, aerospace engineering, hospitality administration, and lighting design. This would allow the latter part of the response to communicate how you’re not ready to settle into one particular subject area and want to maximize your breadth of study.


On the other hand, while BU is able to retain its status as a liberal arts institution, students who have already made up their minds on what they wish to study can pursue degrees that are much more specific. For example, for the precocious scholar who has known for years that she wants to study the ocean and its inhabitants — as evidenced by her diving credentials and high school projects on sea cows — being able to focus on marine science in college would give her a substantial leg up on another college graduate who was not able to study the subject more in depth than a major in general biology.


Above all else when responding to this prompt, be sure to distinguish yourself from other applicants. While a longer word count might allow for more general statements, in this case, every single topic that is mentioned in the prompt should be clearly illustrated and inapplicable to other applicants. It is indeed a difficult exercise in persuasion to have your reader remember you after only 250 words, but that is the test that BU has devised to qualify an applicant, so please remain mindful of that fact as you write.


Luckily, our Boston University essay specialists are trained in creating responses to such tricky prompts, so please do not hesitate to reach out to schedule a free consultation.


So have fun writing, write confidently, and good luck!


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