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Assignment 4 Long-Term Investment Decisions In Capital Market

Introducing the latest edition of Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions

J.P. Morgan's Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions provides risk and return expectations, over a 10- to 15-year horizon, for more than 50 asset and strategy classes. The product of in-depth analysis and J.P. Morgan's best thinking, our assumptions are designed to inform asset allocation decisions.

The 2017 edition considers the far-reaching effects of what we expect to be an extended period of policy normalization that will have profound implications for all asset class returns.

Full report

Executive summary

Assumptions matrices

A comprehensive analysis of our forecasts and critical investment themes


An overview of our macro and asset class assumptions

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The full set of long-term return, volatility and correlation estimates

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The highlights of our long-term research and best thinking are now also available as podcast episodes below and on iTunes. Listen to our experts as they dive deep into the five most popular topics.

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